SANY mini excavator helps the 54-year-old man start new business

12 June,2017


Li Youyi, a man started up his new business at the age of 54 years old. Li contracted a barren hill to develop it into tree farm. Since mountainous terrain conditions were complex, there was heavy workload for developing the barren hill, which would take higher labor cost. After many investigations, Li decided to purchase a SANY mini excavator to instead of manual work.

Li purchased SANY mini excavator SY16C on SANY’s official website ( Li was very satisfied with this “on-line shopping”. “It is my first time to purchase an excavator on line! It’s a fresh experience for me. It’s very convenient to purchase the machinery equipment online. You only need to write down your information on SANY’s website, and later SANY’s sales man will contact you and help you to place your order,” Li said that SANY’s online purchase eliminates intermediate links, which makes the excavator’s price cheaper and he can purchase it by full payment.

The perfect performance of SANY mini excavator SY16C also won high appraisal from Li. SANY SY16C mini excavator is small but powerful.

As we known, roads on the mountain are usually narrow and rugged where the medium and large excavators are hard to operate. But, SANY mini excavators perfectly solve the problem.

With an upper width of only 980 mm, the SANY SY16C can easily drive through narrow passages and spaces, especially with the 1825 kg weight, making the transportation more easily between different sites. The short tail swing is also ideal for tight job sites and confined spaces.

Owing to the self-independent SLSS hydraulic system, the 10.3 kW Yanmar engine and perfectly matched hydraulic pump, main valve and travel motor provide efficient and reliable performance, even in the toughest job sites. Low noise and vibration levels deliver comfortable operation.

SANY SY16C excavator is not only powerful and versatile but also cost-saving. Li said that a day’s work of SANY SY16C excavator equals to ten men’s workload. “The operation of SANY SY16C mini excavator for a day costs 80 yuan, while ten men’s labor cost a day is up to 1500 yuan. “SANY SY16C can save more than 1000 yuan a day for me! SANY SY16C excavator brings me big profit!” Li added.

SANY mini excavators can be used in various working conditions including reclamation, trenching, fruit planting, urban construction and indoor construction.

Li said he will purchase SANY’s products again if he has the need for equipment purchase.



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SY235C-Tier 4i
Operating Weight
Engine Model
Isuzu AL-4HK1X
Rated Power
Operating Weight
Engine Model
Cummins 6BT5.9-C140
Rated Power
Std. Bucket
SY235C-Tier 2
Operating Weight
Engine Model
Isuzu CC-6BG1TRP
Rated Power
SY16C-Tier 3
Operating Weight
Engine Model
Yanmar 3TNV70-SSU
Engine Power
10.3/2200 kW/rpm
Standard Bucket